Home for spring break. Very windy here. Not much else to report from the homefront.

I have found a few ancient notebooks of mine — from when I very first began to keep them. It is fascinating personality archaeology, a phrase which I say with special relish because the one I just read was oriented specifically towards my imagined future career as an archaeologist:


This is a new thing, just started today. I want to prepare for my future profession (archaeologist) by keeping this record of my days & doings & my current historical intrests [sic]. There, it’s official now. My new Archaeological practice journal. I will do my writing in ink, and my drawings in pencil. To be continued…”


Katie is still out of school. Jess is really mad. I am too, kind of. Sometimes I wish I had mono. Following will be an ink drawing that will practice my drawing skills:

[a (rather impressive!) sketch of a pot, in ink, as promised]”


Did you like my pot picture? I did. Next (on the following page) I will draw Giza, compleat with a sphinx and a camal. [ed. note:¬† sic, sic!]”

The picture on the following page is titled C. A.K.’s New & Improved Giza. I should take a photo & post it because, though my pyramids are strikingly one-dimensional, the camel is cute and the sphinx shows remarkable character — it’s golden. A later, much less refined picture of the Parthenon, features a donkey that looks more like an alpaca. I was big on infusing these historical scenes with dramatic sunrises and token animals, it seems. Because everyone knows that the ability to draw passable camels and donkeys is necessary for any budding archaeologist.


~ by Not Alice on March 25, 2008.

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