beings being in the light of Being…

“The growing and unacknowledged anxiety in the face of thinking no longer allows insight into the oblivion of being which determines the age.” — Martin Heidegger

For Heidegger, as far as I can understand, thinking is a way of touching — or perhaps opening oneself up for exposure to — that which is larger than us . For him this is Being. Your (and my) interpretation of what that “something larger” is may be different, which is something that I do like about him: the number of different belief systems that can be fitted into his essential framework, schema, approach (a shallow statement which he would hate, probably, and disagree with). This approach is, by the way, absolutely maddening to me, but which has also been revealing glimmerings of intense beauty. It strikes me as incredibly gorgeous, the concept that that which is most essential to ourselves is something that can never be looked at directly — to look directly at Being, to pin it into the violence of definitions, is to kill it, and so it must be tip-toed around, described through negation and sideways glances and peripheries. It’s like some sort of unicorn hunt, or perhaps search for a white whale, that takes place entirely on a level of delicate abstraction.

I think my heart softened and my understanding peaked when I realized how extremely mystical Heidegger can be (or perhaps just late Heidegger — we must make distinctions, and I’m not, after all, reading Being and Time). Which tempts me to ramble on my ever-complicating relationship towards God in Words, but not right now (wrist!); I’ll just say that I have an inexplicably intense sympathy for mysticism these days. Reading Heidegger as religious (saintly) ecstasy transposed into a philosophical framework makes me as open-hearted and partial towards him as I am towards John of the Cross or St. Theresa of Avila. There’s just something mad-eyed and glorious to it all, and it calls to me.


~ by Not Alice on March 17, 2008.

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