11: I just read philosophy for five straight hours…!

I just skipped my jewish women’s literature class (auditing, so not as awful as this sounds) to do a madcap scramble catchup session on philosophy. It was a good decision — I feel positive about my new understanding of Heidegger, which isn’t an understanding so much as an epiphany on why exactly I do not understand him. But I am sad about missing class, so so sad, because I actually loved a lot of the poetry we were to have read for the day — yiddish women poets, all new to me. My favourite is Malka Heifetz Tussman. Here are two poems of hers:

With Teeth in the Earth
My cheek upon the earth
and I know mercy.

With lips to the earth
I know love.

My nose in the earth
and I know thievery.

With teeth in the earth
I know murder.

And I know why those
who dig their teeth into the earth

and why those
who tear themselves away from the earth

must always weep over themselves.

In the Beginning
In the beginning,
there was lust.

Out of lust, God
emerged in flames.

is God’s nature.

Everything God creates
is in God’s nature.

Whoever gets more
of God’s nature —

a teardrop more —
becomes an artist, a poet.

One more drop —
a murderer.

Both translated by Marcia Falk. Not all are as dark as these, but I think these two in particular might say interesting things about Jewishness — the religion and the holocaust — but I can’t say for sure. I wasn’t in class to find out.


~ by Not Alice on March 11, 2008.

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