7: “Children are meant to work, not play.”

Here is a removed chapter from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the Roald Dahl classic whose movie version (the old one, not the new) has totally eclipsed the book in my mind even though I know I read it multiple times. Even though I only remember the movie by this point, it’s pleasant to come across this chapter. It features one Miranda Piker, who is, from what I can gather, an obsessive student type. Fantastic! It’s too bad Dahl didn’t leave her in; maybe then I would have escaped all those teasing childhood comparisons to Veruca Salt.

Objectively speaking, neither the character nor her fate are as disgustingly wonderful as Veruca’s or Violet’s or Augustus’. But!

“Come on then, Father!” cried Miranda. “Let’s go down into the cellar and smash the machine that makes this dreadful stuff!”

God, I wish I had an excuse to say things like that.


~ by Not Alice on March 7, 2008.

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