incomplete ideas, vol 2

–I love my friends. Do you love yours? You should. Let’s all have a moment of silent appreciation for our friends.

–Internet scrabble for the win. Who wants to play with me? Comment! I’ve been operating via Facebook, but am on the verge of moving to itself in order to milk as much enjoyment as possible from its existence before Matel shuts it down for copyright infringement.

–Looming thesis = dread and anxiety. What do I write about???? More on this later.

–Travel vertigo of the soul: which city do I live in again?

–I have not done laundry in weeks (which means I have actually been wearing my neglected skirts and dresses instead of the lazy student uniform of jeans, chucks, black shirts and sweaters — sort of nice and makes me want to go spend lots of money on more more more skirts that will probably moulder with the rest when I actually work up the volition to go buy detergent). There is a three week old apple slowly mummifying on my bookshelf in front of my three different copies of The Sound and the Fury. My “food” situation consists of a bottle of five dollar saki, a half-empty carton of milk that will go bad at any moment, and a box of safeway-brand cornflakes. These seemingly unrelated observations are intended to illustrate the State of Soul, or, why I have ceased to exist online. Alternate excuse for this, as well as explanation for all of the above: travel.

–Current books that I am really intrigued by but cannot quite justify spending the money on: The Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada (fascination sparked by this review), Umberto Eco’s matched pair History of Beauty and On Ugliness (I long for a teacher to assign them to me so I can justify the purchase), and This Republic of Suffering: Death and the American Civil War (see the New Yorker’s “In the Mourning Store,” which I have not yet read because I just ten minutes ago pulled the magazine from my mailbox, but which excites me beyond words because I am not-so-secretly obsessed with the Civil War).

I might take the time to actually say something journally or thoughtful or revealing, but I have to try to dress a little more warmly so I can go to Telegraph avenue and spend obscene amounts of money on school books before catching whatever’s showing tonight at the Pacific Film Archive.


~ by Not Alice on January 16, 2008.

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