I have a final in two and a half hours. Clearly I should update my blog.

little birds in bushes

One nice thing about haunting campus during finals week (totally unrelated to the above picture, which is just there because I feel decorative) is that people are constantly giving me cookies and doughnuts and cake. A man in a pink yarmulke just came into the computer lab with an equally pink box of doughnuts. Sugar high studying, ahoy!

I will be done tomorrow, for better or worse. Plans for the break include: drawing and taking at least one photograph every day, rereading Anna Karenina and Madame Bovary, trying to figure out what I’ll be writing my thesis on, long walks around the lake provided it ever stops raining, making and eating gallons of soup, Foucault and Fanon to keep my brain sharp, makeshift French lessons from A, and elocutionary lessons from old movies. I would love to knit myself a loose, long, plush scarf, but my wrists are shot from all of the hours of typing I have done (and have yet to do).


~ by Not Alice on December 18, 2007.

2 Responses to “I have a final in two and a half hours. Clearly I should update my blog.”

  1. Wowie, Girl – that’s a LOT of reading! Good luck with that.

  2. Is it? I expect that Mme B. will take me only a day or two at most — I started the first few chapters in a moment of intense slackertude and found it much more readable and quick and lovely than remembered. Anna K will be much more of a project, particularly as A and I might read chunks of it out loud. I feel like it isn’t enough and am casting around for more — perhaps Middlemarch, definitely some 18th and 19th C Gothics. It’s all completely feasible due to the fact that I am not going home, most of my small group of friends will be out of town, and lately anyway I have no existing social life beyond studying in cafes in the vicinity of another person.

    What WAS crazy was my dad’s suggested Christmas Reading Agenda: reread of Homer, on to Virgil, then Dante and Milton. Assigned to me in all seriousness about the doability of it. I was like, “…. ummm …. nnnooo…”

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