Every once in a while — usually at three am when I am feeling vaguely hungry but also sort of fluish — I go crazy wandering foodblogs. I always end up drooling over my keyboard and swearing to myself that yes, tomorrow will be the day I begin actually cooking for myself, finally, no matter what! My culinary goals are rather simple, quite pedestrian, but I attach great hope and expectation to them. Blueberry muffins, hearty stews, pasta primavera, ginger cookies, latkes, homemade bread, and lemon scones will transform my life and restore order to my faltering soul! Tomorrow, I swear to myself as my hunger forces me away. I sometimes even write down recipes and grocery lists. I remain firm in my conviction that one of these days I’ll “get it together” and start taking care of myself — so firm that I am always deeply baffled when I find myself yet again drinking down a five-minute dinner of unchewed cheerios while reading literary criticism with one eye and half a brain.

After I make the recipe rounds, I usually read movie reviews and schedule multiple glorious trips to the theater — whole days devoted to buying one ticket and then skipping from movie to movie within a 12-screen complex. My failure to actualize this dream is easier to bear — it’s just a matter of time and schoolwork. The semester will be over in a few weeks and I’ll be free to watch movies all day long. Maybe I’ll even manage to cook an actual meal for myself as well.


~ by Not Alice on December 5, 2007.

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  1. When you get serious about the cooking, let me know. I have a couple of really easy and really reliable recipes that will make you feel competent and satisfied, and I’m happy to share…

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