rejected post topics: a list

ideas rejected because I really couldn’t think of any way to expand them beyond what is presented below:

  1. Dostoyevsky or Dostoevsky? The latter is more common, I know, but I’ve seen the former and I think I prefer it.
  2. I often struggle with the lurking paranoia that half of my friends only keep me around because I am a handy walking thesaurus and dictionary. And that the other half only like me for my ability to recite memorized poetry on request.
  3. Why are air fresheners for cars kept locked up in the two grocery stores I went to today? Are they an ingredient for meth or something?
  4. I only order prosciutto sandwiches because I like the word. I always end up removing the prosciutto in disgust, berating myself for the wasted money.
  5. Status: officially lost in post-colonial studies land.

ideas rejected because they are to personal/revealing/self-pitying/dangerous to post in a public forum where concerned parties might come across them/dull:

  1. Lengthy and tragic complaints about the fairy tale figure of my three crazy aunts who visited my family over Thanksgiving.
  2. Detailed descriptions of the fever dreams and hallucinations I had while ill and abed with a short-lived but nasty stomach bug.
  3. Obsessive analysis of the evolving power dynamics within my small family unit now that both my brother and I are away at college.
  4. List:  “Ways in which visiting my family is like being exiled in the Siberian Gulag”
  5. Rhapsodies about my cat.

In summary: I went to my parents’ home, got very very sick, so sick that I missed a flight, was consumed with family angst, finally made my way home yesterday, and have since spent today wandering grocery stories and slowly reintroducing myself to solid food. But I can’t really write about any of it beyond this.


~ by Not Alice on November 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “rejected post topics: a list”

  1. Were you hanging out with Derek over at Eats Bugs? He got wicked sick, too. Poor baby! I’m glad you’re starting to feel better…

  2. Maybe we touched the same infected internet doorknob and didn’t wash our hands afterwards…

    Being sick over the holidays is the WORST.

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