9.2: this makes me want to change my blog’s name

I checked my blog’s stats for the first time ever just now and discovered that two people used this phrase to find my blog: “lonely, angry, sad children”.

I can’t figure that one out. I guess it might be a result of the Faulkner quote I used to have on my sidebar, but perhaps it’s me, perhaps I am the lonely, angry, sad child! I can’t decide if it’s sort of wonderful or rather horrible, but I’m sort of tempted to use it somehow if I can.

Also, enough people seem to come here looking for Diane Arbus and Egon Schiele that I should perhaps actually write about them. Future post topics successfully dropped in my lap!


~ by Not Alice on November 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “9.2: this makes me want to change my blog’s name”

  1. I’ve had some truly mystifying search engine terms used to find my blog. Don’t take it personally…

  2. I can’t decide if I think it’s delightful or sort of unsettling! I think I’m going to choose delight. Though now I’m becoming obsessed with checking my blog stats. Yesterday I got this search term: “dismembered head plates god E.”

    It’s sort of a backwards puzzle, trying to figure out what in your blog would offer it up in response to that particular combination of words. And then there’s trying to piece together what exactly the person was looking for!

    I really should stop thinking about it and get back to work. Such a slacker, me.

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