3.2: outrageous

Even though I’m not living on campus this semester I am STILL furious about my school’s library hours. It closes at six on Fridays and Saturdays. Six. In the evening. Are they trying to squelch budding young academics? I’m sure they aren’t consciously trying to cut down on the overall level of studiousness, but that’s the effect. Because I have no social life, I’d be there all night if I could, and though I’m in the minority surely I’m not the only one? I would be in the library right now, exploring the stacks, sitting in a corner barricaded by books, working. Instead I am restlessly pacing the house, alternating between poking the dogs and wandering the internet, getting nothing done — and all because my school sucks. It outrages me, really it does, to be paying so much money and not even to get a guaranteed place for quiet study on weekend evenings.

My two-year school in the middle of nowhere had more reasonable hours than this fairly well-regarded liberal arts college does!! It’s a travesty.


~ by Not Alice on November 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “3.2: outrageous”

  1. ARE there studious young academics (beside you, of course) who would be using the library enough to justify paying people to staff the place?

  2. Clearly they think not, but on the nights when it is open there are always people there — I don’t count (maybe I should — maybe tonight; I’m thinking of heading over there soon), but there are always at least a dozen even at the very end. Seems like enough people to justify for the extra hours for two student workers…

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