status report

currently I’m…
–treasuring my blog silence and trying to shore up ideas for November (I made a list — a list!! — of possible post topics). Yes, I’m going to give NaBloPoMo another try — it was the reason I created this blog, and I feel like I’d  be cheating myself if I didn’t at least try it again this year. I have much less confidence in my ability to make it through this time around  I’m in school now, which gives me more things to write about but cuts down on my time to do so. Also, I think I have become a more boring person in the past year.

–dutifully attending multiple appointments with a new shrink every week after being told, definitively and firmly by my academic advisor (who is also my fake mother), that I needed therapizing immediately. It’s been ages since I’ve been in therapy, and I don’t know that I’ve ever put quite so much effort into it before despite having been in the mental health system for a third of my life. It takes a really disheartening amount of time and effort. Have not yet decided if it’s worth the overall difficulty and toll.

–reading short stories by Grace Paley and Cynthia Ozick, Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer, Othello, All’s Well That Ends Well, and various frenchies (Cixous, Duras, Camus, Baudelaire — soooo obvious that I just stood in front of the French shelf in my school’s library and picked out authors alphabetically).

–slowly learning photoshop after years of working only with paint shop pro.

–eating only cornflakes, smoking a pack a day, sleeping too little, and yet somehow maintaining a cheery and optimistic outlook overall.


~ by Not Alice on October 31, 2007.

One Response to “status report”

  1. I think I originally found you through last year’s NaBloPoMo. I never stopped posting (I wonder what your therapist would say about THAT!) but I’m still stockpiling ideas, too – making the public commitment to post every day is a little intimidating, even though I’ve been doing it non-stop for nearly a full year….

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