What felt like the biggest earthquake I’ve experienced since coming to the bay area just jolted through this borrowed house — and I swear that the crack in the ceiling of this bedroom just grew an inch.

Every time there’s an earthquake here I am reminded of the wonderful but apocalyptic geology teacher at my junior college and I wonder — why is it, exactly, that I’m living here? If I am killed in a collapsed BART tunnel after the Big One I just know he’ll shake his head and remind my parents that he warned me. I’m sure he’d be sad enough, but the satisfaction of being right in all of his doomsaying would probably outweigh any grief.

*nextday edit*

Well, I looked it up and the earthquake was actually rather small, only 3.2 or something, but it felt big! Probably because this house is tall and skinny and perched precariously on a steep hillside. I thought for a moment that the walls were going to implode around my ears.


~ by Not Alice on August 15, 2007.

One Response to “earthquake!”

  1. Yeah, well, we could ALL go up in smoke if the caldera under Yellowstone decides to blow. Life, you see, is a matter of risk no matter WHERE we live…

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