professional ghostwriter

I’m pretty sure my future career lies in ghostwriting. It would be rough, I’m sure, and often boring, and the entire idea is a bit soul-deadening and seedy, but it could also be enormously interesting if, say, I were ghostwriting for someone drugged and famous like Lindsay Lohan. I bet it pays at least a bit better than being a barista or a bookstore clerk would, and I imagine that it doesn’t have regular 9-5 office hour restrictions — perfect! I’m confident that I would be an excellent ghostwriter. I’m very good at sounding like other people — or at least not sounding like myself — in writing, and that seems like one of the key skills to the profession.

And, realistically, what else am I gonna do with my degree in english given my vehement refusal to go into teaching? At the very least, it might supplement my finances through grad school.

The problem is trying to find a way to get into it. If I could figure out how to go about it, I could start right now! Google is failing me. How does one become a ghostwriter? There are hardly internship — at least not that I can find. I need to make connections.


~ by Not Alice on August 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “professional ghostwriter”

  1. Are you KIDDING?! There are a GAZILLION things one can do with an English degree! One can edit! One can work as a copy reader for a newspaper! One can become a screenwriter! One can go into advertising! One can be a librarian! One can work in a bookstore (or own one)! One can write magazine articles! One can write books! One can work for NPR! One can research! Come on, GIRL! THINK of the possibilities!!!

  2. I’m with MrsChili….I have a degree in Music Performance and I have been a ghostwriter for the last 4 years.

    You can do what YOU want to do. Go follow your bliss!

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