apartment searching = job interviews?

Holy God.

That drive ranks among the most physically trying things I have done so far. My wrists are shot, so sore that I can hardly grasp anything. I never want to see a car again in my life, much less drive one.

See, that was the first major trip that I’ve taken alone — and it took roughly fifteen hours. I’ve never driven more than four hours at a stretch, and I’ve always had a friend or a father in the passenger seat to keep me chatty and alert.

I composed many blog posts and wrote at least a chapter of a story as I drove, most of which was leeched from my bones and evaporated from my mind in the vicious heat of Nevada, but I might try to reconstruct something. Later. Now — more pressing matters!

Tomorrow I meet with a potential roommate, someone I have emailed and spoken on the phone with a bit in response to her craigslist ad. I have NEVER done this before! I live with my parents! They do everything for me! I have no idea how to even begin — though clearly I have somehow managed to blunder into a beginning of sorts, having at least gotten as far as arranging a meeting — or, more pressingly, what questions I should ask or what I should say about myself. What do roommates need to know about each other to determine if it’s something that should work out? So far my attitude has been along the lines of “You seem nice! You like animals! AND you’ve got a house! Let’s live together!” — but I’d like to go into this meeting with something more to ask and to offer than empty earnestness.

There should be bulleted lists of expected questions for this sort of thing, like there are with job interviews. In fact, maybe there are — I shall google immediately. But if anyone has any tips on what to ask and offer, you’ve got until 3 PM PST to comment.


~ by Not Alice on August 5, 2007.

One Response to “apartment searching = job interviews?”

  1. You’re asking me to do math! What time is it where you are? Have I met the deadline?

    -Do you smoke?

    -Do you stay up/out late?

    -Do you have a boyfriend/significant other who will be hanging about?

    -Do you have any particular hobbies/habits that will affect MY life in the apartment?

    -Do you have a steady job (are you going to be able to pay the rent every month)?

    -How do you expect to divide household chores? Who’s going to do dishes, vacuum, clean the bathroom, take out the trash, etc.

    -How do you want to split expenses – phone, cable, internet, etc?

    I could think of more, but I’m afraid I’ve missed your deadline anyway. Tell us how it went…

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