George Eliot

Did I really express apathy and dislike for George Eliot a few weeks ago? I take it all back: I am enthralled by her now. Last Wednesday I went to Berkeley and bought every book of hers that I could find. I’m on Daniel Deronda right now and it is wonderful — torturous because I cannot spend all of my time reading it, but wonderful. I am half-considering showing up at my professor’s office this week and pleading with her to let me write about it even though we didn’t read it for class. I love Gaskell’s Ruth, but there are so many fascinating paper topics all over Daniel Deronda! I am hungry to play with them.

I am amused and appalled by the patterns of my academic shirking. All semester I have been dissatisfied with my schoolwork, mooning after a couple of grad-only classes that they wouldn’t let me into, and completely unexcited by everything I’ve read, but now that the semester is almost over, now that we’ve moved into the 20th Century in one class and over to Amy Levy and Joseph Walters in British Lit, I am fascinated with Eliot and Gaskell. Oh well — better late than not at all — but I am exasperated by my inability to be timely in any of my literary passions.


~ by Not Alice on April 8, 2007.

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