eucalyptus fires

“She has the fastest descent into wildness that I’ve ever seen,” says Amina from the front seat.

“That’s good,” I tell her, and everyone laughs.

Saturday night, at midnight, my new friend A. and I made eucalyptus fires in the school’s greek theater. She sort of needed it for a video project she’s working on, but really we just wanted to burn things. Because eucalyptus bark and branches burn fast we had to keep tending it manically or it would go out very quickly, in less than five minutes. Stoned out of my mind, I nearly fell into the fire more times than I can count as I circled it opposite her, carefully piling in twigs and bark and branches. At one point it became very large. We leaned against the wall, breathless, and just grinned at each other.

I drove her to the Berkeley Marina that morning so she could get sunrise shots. It was so cold that I quickly stopped being able to feel my fingers. I wrote while she filmed seagulls flying towards San Francisco. When we got back on campus, I took enough sleeping pills to put me out for twenty four straight hours.

Eucalyptus fires. A good way to end spring break.


~ by Not Alice on March 27, 2007.

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