paper anxiety

I continue to be crippled by my inability to write papers for good teachers. I can happily turn out shitty rambling messes for a teacher I don’t care for, but I want so much to turn in good work for the excellent professors!

This is my cry of frustration to the universe. I must let it loose: I have been agonizing over a two page paper about a pulpy 19th C gothic novel. I should be able to spin this paper out in no time — it’s not like writing about Vanity Fair, which I also have to do…

Oh well. At least I am starting to accept the inevitability of my once-perfect GPA dropping drastically after this semester.


~ by Not Alice on February 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “paper anxiety”

  1. Did your professor give you a topic? I can help, you know, if you want it… The key is finding a good topic, because two pages will practically write themselves if you’ve got a good enough starting point..

    …oh, and if you email me, I’ll tell you the origin of “Chili”…

  2. My favorite professor was just ungodly hard — the underground student course survey called his class “the hardest B- you’ll ever get.” One semester I’m auditing this guy’s class while taking a huge course load, and I have to write a paper for the guy but I’m swamped with stuff for credit. So two days before it’s due, I give myself three hours — think through an argument, think through the counters, weigh up evidence on both sides, pick the strongest as my thesis and write that up, thinking “I’ve ignored at least three problems, but gotta be done.” On to the next thing.

    _That_ paper got an A from the toughest humanities professor on campus.

    Forget perfection, work in specifics, do the best thinking you can. There are going to be mistakes, but if you learning from them, that’s what you are there for.

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