free clothing rights for all

The best thing about Christmas is the built-in excuse for baking (and eating!) scads of cookies. I have made three different kinds of cookies this week, and my mother and I are going to do another batch tomorrow with the cookie cutters that I risked my life to procure.*

I thought I had escaped my yearly bout of strep throat, but my brother brought it home from school and it’s sweeping through the family. It is seriously interfering with my cookie consumption.

*Not really. But I did have a rather awful time trying to buy them. I was led around the entire palatial super wal-mart by a hapless employee who didn’t know where the cookie cutters were kept. This took a really long time. She eventually gave up and abandoned me in houseware to “look around for myself.” I did find them, but only after I gave up and wandered over to crafts to look at yarn and think wistfully about gingerbread men.

I refuse to let strep throat stop all of my fun. Tonight was Eddie Izzard Night, which can’t be postponed just for sore throats.

Eddie Izzard Night is when my friend Tess and I get together (but never before midnight) and spend hours putting on transvestite makeup — and by this, I mean mostly wild colours and crazy eyebrows, like Eddie in Dress to Kill — and watching DVDs of his shows. Then we put on high heels or platform shoes and swan around her house, drinking tea and raising our eyebrows while we make jokes in bad british accents.


~ by Not Alice on December 16, 2006.

One Response to “free clothing rights for all”

  1. Oh, MAN! Eddie Izzard Night sounds like a BLAST! What a wonderful tradition! If we ever meet in person, I want in on at least one go-round, okay?

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