Surfing the NaBloPoMo randmizer, I am absurdly amu…

Surfing the NaBloPoMo randmizer, I am absurdly amused by how many people posted on December first with nostalgia and regret at the end of the month, or with stories about how they woke up first thing in the morning with the immediate urge to write a blog entry. I felt exactly the same way: ten minutes before midnight I jerked awake from my sleeping-pill induced dreams, panicked because I hadn’t blogged.

I still refuse to write about what I learned. But I do think that the challenge was good for me: it gave some small structure to my days. I feel a little lost without it, but I’m hoping to do something similar with writing fiction. This will be more difficult; I won’t have the presence of a potential readership to keep me from cheating and skipping days. I’m trying to figure out what would be a good page count to set as my daily minimum. I can’t do word count because I never type first drafts; I’m too much of a perfectionist, I always erase whatever I type and never end up getting anywhere.

My daily whine: I had to come to work at seven am. Seven! In the morning! That’s usually when I go to bed. It was very very cold and I thought for sure that I’d gotten frostbite since I couldn’t bend my fingers by the time I’d arrived at the school. They’re better now, but my desk is near enough to the front doors that I get waves of frigid air whenever someone comes in or out, which is pretty much every few minutes. I can’t even just doze off and space out over my laptop because we’re hosting the regional high school drama conference. Have I written here about how much I hate drama kids? I am horribly prejudiced against them, but it’s justified. All of the ones I’ve encountered through work have been nasty to me. Dealing with several hundred of them makes me peevish and put-upon.

Oh, and I haven’t had any coffee.

I am not equipped to deal with today.


~ by Not Alice on December 2, 2006.

One Response to “Surfing the NaBloPoMo randmizer, I am absurdly amu…”

  1. Oh, do keep writing, please! Even if NaBloPoMo is over. You’ve heard about the ten best ways to become a better writer? 1. Write 2. Write 3. Write 4. Write….

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